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to the Biologika Organ Atlas and to this website.

This is the official website and webshop of the Biologika Organ Atlas. The Organ Atlas – BIOLOGIKA® Organ Atlas – Bio-logical Organ Oriented Disease Atlas is a presentation and teaching material, official educational material of BIOLOGIKA® courses. This Organ Atlas version is the ninth edition in Hungarian, the second in German and the first in English. Text, images, editing, translation, printing preparation: Roberto Barnai

Publisher of the English and Hungarian version of Biologika Organ Atlas (and the operator of this website and webshop): Biologi-Team Ltd., ,, Publisher of the German version of Biologika Organ Atlas: Biologika Deutschland Gbr.,

If you do not find this book in the nearest bookshop, or you would like to order more pieces, or pieces in more languages at once, please use this Webshop!

BIOLOGIKA® Szerv Atlasz 2021 (magyar változat) ISBN: 978-615-81816-0-0
BIOLOGIKA® Organ Atlas 2021 (deutsche Version) ISBN: 978-615-81816-1-7
BIOLOGIKA® Organ Atlas 2021 (English version) ISBN: 978-615-81816-2-4

The BIOLOGIKA® logo is a registered trademark. If you want to participate in BIOLOGIKA® courses, please consider, that this logo certifies the methodology and contents of the courses designed and compiled by Roberto Barnai. The use of the Organ Atlas for seminars and teaching purposes is (because of quality management reasons) permitted only for trainers with a written license.

      The emblem of the Association of Hungarian Naturopaths marks the recognized products, that provide a real help to the healthy lifestyle, to the peaceful, harmonious life – according to the natural healing methods and the holistic thinking. According to the decision of the Presidium of the Association of Hungarian Naturopaths, the publisher of BIOLOGIKA® Organ Atlas may use the emblem and official recommendation of the Association.

Why does this website look like this?

      As an official distributor, the website must comply with the rights holder’s strict, internationally uniform standards for its operation and appearance: Websites that belong in the right holder’s interest must have a uniform look. Even if the website could be more trendy and colorful, we cannot change this due to the regulations.

Usage possibilities of the Organ Atlas:

      The pictures, texts, illustrations on the pages with green background are freely copyable/usable for presentations, lectures, information dissemination in the field of BIOLOGIKA®, New Medicine, physiology, psychology, alteration-science, etc. But the parts with yellow, orange, red and blue background are strictly protected by laws! Only the owner of the book, his/her family members, and closer relatives may view and read the book. Copying, photographing distributing, borrowing is not permitted. Borrowing the book is allowed only for official libraries. If you like the atlas, purchase your own book! Any use, projection, publication is possible only with prior written permission. Thank you for considering and respecting the mentioned legal rights.

Quotation rules: You can quote texts also from the legally protected pages, only the length of one quotation may not exceed seven sentences or four rows. Every single citation must be marked (per seven sentences or four lines) with the following entry: source:

Biologika Organ Atlas Impressum – Details

       This Bio-Logical Organ Oriented Disease Atlas, the BIOLOGIKA® Organ Atlas is a presentation and teaching material, official educational material of BIOLOGIKA® courses. The familiar expression „Organ Atlas” is written this way (and not as „Atlas of Organs”) because it is an abbreviation, a short form of the originally longer name.

      The Organ Atlas was designed, drawn and written by Roberto Barnai, in Hungarian in the beginning, and he created also the present version in German and English language. More than 50 people have contributed to the content and appearance of this book, see the list of names of professional and language lectors, experts, technical helpers, which can be found on the page of acknowledgement, at the beginning of the book.

      Thanks also to the supporters, assistants and advisors not mentioned in the book, who helped in the case clarifications (of about 3000 cases). These case reports have contributed to the content of the Organ Atlas, to the more precise formulation of the emotional contents and expressions. Also in this way, many thanks to the helpers who made their reports and documentation available for the development of the Organ Atlas!

      New Medicine Literature: Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer: Scientific Chart of GNM, Legacy of a New Medicine. Because of similarities of the pictures and drawings we have to mention that (with exception of some original photos), all pictures and drawings in the Organ Atlas are drawn and edited by Roberto Barnai himself. The anatomical images originate from Dr. Tibor Donáth’s Anatomy Atlas (1985), from the book Illustrated Human Embryology (1972) and from the Internet, which Roberto Barnai has modified, complemented and matched according to the requirements of the Organ Atlas (practicality, understandability), in a way, that the rights of other publishers have been widely respected. Because it is about the same natural science, we must clarify that the Organ Atlas is not a publication of Dr. Hamer. It is a teaching material created according to the Biologika teaching methodology of Roberto Barnai. It is a presentation, information and reminder material for educational purposes, for prevention, for self-development and internal use.

Disclaimer: The informations of the Organ Atlas (and this website) DO NOT substitute medical examination, diagnosis or treatment, and ARE NOT intended for self-diagnosis! Regarding diseases, choice of therapy, everyone must make sure and be sure that he/she makes the appropriate decision, in a given case. In our opinion, the responsibility of these questions cannot be transferred. For insufficient information about New Medicine, for inadequate understanding (resulting from possible inaccurate interpretation) and for the consequences resulting from these, Roberto Barnai and the contributors of the book cannot take over any responsibility.

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